• Boero

    Our best and most reresentative praline: dark chocolate with cherry and liqueur filling.

  • Rocket

    Delicious milk chocolate pralines with crispy cereals and soft hazelnut filling.

  • Perla Bianca

    A dip in the intense sweetness: Milk chocolate pralines with crispy cereals and soft milk cream filling.

  • Night Noir

    Dark chocolate pralines with hazelnut or cream filling: what a strong taste!

  • Royal

    If you are not able to choose, don’t do it! This royal mix is the best for you.

  • Istanti

    A different taste for each different situation, to relish with pleasure each different moment.

  • Tentazioni

    Elegant and innovative gift packets: to have a perfect present in every situation!

  • Boeri & Rocket

    Dark chocolate with cherry and liqueur filling OR Mlk chocolate with crispy cereals and hazelnut cream? Both!

  • Aranc’è

    Where dark chocolate meets a soft orange filling.

  • Scrigni

    The intensity of dark chocolate… Or the delicacy of milk one. Let you cuddled by their sweetness!

  • 500

    5 new flavours, ready to sweep with their innovation and their delicious taste.. One by one.

  • Limon’è

    Where milk chocolate hugs the intense lemon filling.

  • Rovelle

    Fruit Gelées: soft candies with orange, cherry, lemon and apple taste!