• Rocket ovetti

    Delicious milk chocolate praline with hazelnut cream and cereals filling

  • Easter Egg

    Original tastes for traditional easter eggs: boero, hazelnut, coconuts, biscuits and cereals

  • Scrigni

    The intense flavor of extra-dark chocolate or milk chocolate delicacy.

  • Primavera

    The joy of a cute dove milk chocolate and a cascade of witty milk pralines with hazelnut cream and crunchy cereal.

  • Chocofiock

    Delicious milk chocolate eggs filled with soft hazelnut cream.

  • Rovelle

    Wants fruit? Rovelle are soft jellies in these flavors: orange, cherry, lemon and apple … a dip in the taste!

  • 500

    Two latest varieties ready to overwhelm you with their innovation and the irresistible delicacy to be tasted … one after another …